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Personalized Plan of Study

The Knight School MA in Communication is designed for flexibility so you can develop an individualized plan for study that meets your interests and goals.  Our master's program provides you with the resources and inspiration to ignite personal passions, gain valuable skills, and incubate new ideas to achieve greater rewards in your chosen future. 

Eighteen of the 36 required hours of coursework include electives and/or special topics courses. In your required courses, you will hone your ability to access information, analyze and evaluate messages, create content, and engage in communities across all communication platforms.  Then, you will choose among context-specific electives to create an individualized plan of study that allows you to develop mastery in a particular area. 

Your class work will provide you with skills to communicate with diverse audiences using a variety of traditional and digital platforms and the chance to examine specific topics such as interactive media, strategic communication with global audiences, organizational image and branding, and visual communication.  You will also investigate a range of communication dynamics such as culture in a networked society, creativity and innovation, leadership, and social entrepreneurship.

Students are also given the opportunity to suggest special topic courses focus on emerging issues and technologies.  These regularly scheduled courses are designed to allow you to stay current with the latest knowledge and skills. Special topics courses allow our faculty to offer students courses in specialized areas that draw upon faculty expertise and student needs and interests. We have recently offered innovative and diverse topics seminars including "Proxemics--Space and Communication," "The Art and Practice of Teaching," "Health Communication, Self-Disclosure, and Social Support" and "Global Media."

Finally, our close-knit community will allow you to develop relationships with faculty and fellow students to gain the resources, tools, and support needed to develop innovative ideas that are applicable to your life, work, and community.

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