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Outstanding Communication Student Awards

The James L. Knight School of Communication honors seniors in each graduating class with Outstanding Communication Student Awards. Recipients are selected from graduating communication majors by Knight School of Communication faculty based upon academic performance and contribution to the school and its programs. The awards are presented each spring at the Knight School's Awards Ceremony.

Recipients of the Outstanding Communication Student Award

Class of 2016:  Allison Riddle, Annaliese Lemieux-Kaplan, and Shannon Howell

Class of 2015:  Karoline Summerville

Class of 2014: Courtney Walker,  Barbara Cantisano, and Ashley Horton

Class of 2013: Antje Bruegmann, Denise Coggin, and Victoria Hernandez

Class of 2012: Katharine Eury and Emily Koll

Class of 2011: Sabrina Brooks and Allison Gaskin


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