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Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship

Robert KnowlesRobert Knowles

Honoring a well-respected journalist from Charlotte, the Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship is designed for one or more junior or senior communication major or concentration student whose goal is to contribute to public knowledge and improve the life of the community through a career in journalism. The recipient will be mentored by a member(s) of the Charlotte media community and guided in locating two media internships in the Charlotte area. The awarded recipient(s) will write a report explicitly connecting the internship experience to course work, and provide reports of the experience to University Relations and the Dean of the Knight School of Communication that are appropriate for the university website and Queens magazine.

Robert Knowles, who died in May 2003 of uveal melanoma, spent his life as a passionate and energetic journalist.

Students who have completed the following requirements no later than May of the academic year in which they are applying are eligible for the Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship:

  • 51 or more credit hours
  • INTE 297: World of Work
  • Declared major or concentration in Communication with Journalism track
  • Demonstrated academic excellence (GPA minimum 3.0)
  • Demonstrated strong communication skills in application and essay
  • Demonstrated integrity, motivation, and curiosity according to references

To apply students must submit a completed application form including a written statement explaining why they want and are qualified for the scholarship (2-5 pages) and three (3) samples of college-level writing including at least one news story. Additionally, the student will request and submit two letters of recommendation, one from a faculty member in the Knight School of Communication and one from a faculty member not in the Knight School of Communication.

2015 Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship Recipient: Jayme Keefer

2014 Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship Recipient: Eric Bronson Richard

2013 Robert Knowles Communication Scholarship Recipient: Erika Rasile



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