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The stories below highlight the best of what Queens offers for students and the entire campus community. 

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Mayor’s proclamation flips the switch for Digital Charlotte

A new website developed by the Knight School of Communication is the Charlotte focus of a national campaign to address digital and media literacy. Read More

The Digital Discussion

The first peer-reviewed academic journal from Queens invites both academics and the public to join the conversation about digital media literacy. Read More

Coding Hope

A Charlotte community organizer is teaming up with the Knight School of Communication, a technology developer, a prison, and churches in four cities to change the future for 450 children in North and South Carolina. Read More

Provoking Discussion

Film invites viewers to question representations of women in media.  Read More

New Way to Resume

Graduate students design new ways to catch an employer's interest. Read More

Healthy Dialogue

Graduate students are diagnosing issues in health communication. Read More

Hurricane Sandy Creates a Teachable Moment

A weather event motivates students to develop the resources necessary to cover crises. Read More

A Promising Future for Entrepreneurship

In a visit to Queens, developer Nick Such maps the future of building interiors and the future of new businesses Read More

GIFTS and Reaching Beyond the Core

Queens faculty and staff are recognized for their integrated learning opportunities. Read More

Navigating the Campus with New Eyes

Students are studying the field of proxemics and how it can improve the way people interact with the space around them. Read More

Transfer Student Finds Big City Success

Jorge Munoz says Queens' great location and internship program helped him land two job offers and the experience of a lifetime. Read More

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