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The stories below highlight the best of what Queens offers for students and the entire campus community. 

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Hurricane Sandy Creates a Teachable Moment

A weather event motivates students to develop the resources necessary to cover crises. Read More

A Promising Future for Entrepreneurship

In a visit to Queens, developer Nick Such maps the future of building interiors and the future of new businesses Read More

GIFTS and Reaching Beyond the Core

Queens faculty and staff are recognized for their integrated learning opportunities. Read More

Navigating the Campus with New Eyes

Students are studying the field of proxemics and how it can improve the way people interact with the space around them. Read More

Transfer Student Finds Big City Success

Jorge Munoz says Queens' great location and internship program helped him land two job offers and the experience of a lifetime. Read More

In Communities, a Step Beyond End Goals

Ceasar McDowell of MIT speaks on new ways to build communities Read More

A week without cell phones

As the last weeks of summer fade into fall, student Calvin Lescault ’13 reflects on a summer camp experience and the positive effects of techno withdrawal Read More

Foreign policy in the 21st century

"Tweet up" with Al Jazeera English connects Queesn students with students around the globe Read More

Interns Score Backstage Credentials at DNC

Raulston Boger and Anna Kirwan worked long hours interning with the DNC Host Committee, escorting delegates and dignitaries from the security perimeter to Time Warner Cable Arena and the Charlotte Convention Center. Read More

DNC insights 20 seconds at a time

Queens’ faculty and alumnus share DNC insights with students via unique presentation format Read More

Queens students – and Charlotte – can go to school on DNC

This fall, professors in the Knight School of Communication are embarking on a unique learning opportunity by inviting students to focus on Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention. Read More

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