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Foreign policy in the 21st century

In an attempt to address the critical question of whether foreign policy issues are being left out of the 2012 presidential election, Queens' students and faculty participated last week in a new type of interactive discussion called a "Tweet up" with Al Jazeera English White House correspondents Patty Culhane and Malika Bilal, co-hosts of Al Jazeera's "The Stream."

"The Stream" is a social media community that aggregates online sources and discussion; it's also a daily television program on Al Jazeera English.
Bloggers, activists and journalism students from across the globe engaged in a spirited discussion about the role American foreign policy has played in the run-up to the presidential election. Sharing their thoughts via Twitter, Facebook and Google+, participants dove into issues such as U.S. policy in Afghanistan, the U.S. role in the Arab Spring, and the future of U.S.-Arab relations in light of the Islamists' rise to power in the Middle East.
"Tweets were coming in from all over the world," said Associate Professor of Communication Mohammed el-Nawawy.  "It gave our students a golden opportunity to hear from a variety of perspectives and to be part of an exciting news experience."

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