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Building digital awareness

By Will Kervick

Integrated Strategic Communication, a graduate class taught by Dr. John A. McArthur, will soon publish an E-book that helps teach the importance of being digital literate. This E-book will help people become digital literate as well as build awareness to one's community.

"The E-book is about the relationship between information design and digital literacy. We are looking at people's various tools from a information design perspective to develop a community," said McArthur. 

The E-book will include chapters from each of the graduate students in Integrated Strategic Communication. Although a wide variety of chapters will be included in the E-book, graduate student Chanee Vijay, shares not only great ideas, but her own personal experience as well.

Vijay, a 38-year-old Charlotte resident, will discuss the textile industry in India and how digital media tools can give these textile artists financial opportunities in the E-book. Vijay owns her own designing company called {me} longings studio. Before starting her company, Chanee worked in the corporate world but left to follow her passion. For her, India has a personal connection:

"I was married in India, but more importantly, India has the best block designers as well as most history in block designing. I believe all designers should be credited for their work". 

After making profits from her own handmade designs, she feels that designers in India should receive credit and be named with their work. This part of the E-book, is intended to help those artists understand digital literacy and use the tools to create shops and websites to sell on their own. Since being involved in the class, Chanee has helped non-profits such as Clean-Air Carolina and Studio K gallery become digital literate and benefit their business. 

 The E-book has not set a release date yet but be sure to check out the James L. Knight School of Communication webpage for any further information.

 William Kervick is a sophomore Psychology Major with an Organizational Communications Minor. He is also an active member of Pi Kappa Phi Greek Organization.




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