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Chris Stemborowski is 2010 graduate of the Master's in Organizational and Strategic Communication program.  His experience gained from the MA COMM degree, landed him a job as an Associate Communications Strategist for Oxford Communications in New Jersey. 

Now Stemborowski spends his days consulting social media for a number of different clients and is skilled in a broad range of social media outreach tools - Twitter being one of his favorites to use. 

Using the "@QueensUniv handle on Twitter, a live "twinterview," (interview via twitter) was conducted to find out more about Chris's thoughts on the Master of Arts in Organizational and Strategic Communication graduate program, social media today, and what it's like to be a Communications Strategist.

For those who are not familiar with the Twitter vernacular, here's a key that can to help follow along in the "twinterview."

Learn the Lingo

  • Tweet: A message posted via Twitter containing 140 characters or fewer.
  • @: The @ symbol is used to call out usernames in Tweets, like this: Hello @Twitter!
  • #: The # symbol is known as a hashtag and is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.
  • RT: Abbreviated version of "retweet." The act of forwarding another user's Tweet to all of your followers.

Learn the Players

Stembrowski and Queens are the two main players in the "twinterview," though we had many followers jump in and ask questions as this was a real-time interview.

  • @cjstem: Chris Stemborowski
  • @QueensUniv: Queens University of Charlotte

Twinterview with Queens Alum Chris Stemborowski

@cjstem Prepping for #twinterview with @QueensUniv which is now slated for 2:30. Chime in with you questions then!

 @QueensUniv #Twinterview (interview via @Twitter) w/queens Alumnus and social media strategist @cjstem starting now! Chime in with your questions, too.

 @cjstem Alright, here we go! #Twinterview CC: @QueensUniv @Twitter

 @QueensUniv Ok, @cjstem tell us what you're working on these days. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv I'm working with other amazing folks @OxfordComm to create marketing solutions that leverage #social media. #twinterview

 @QueensUniv which can mean any # of infinite possibilities. It's about marrying marketing principles & emerging social tools. #twinterview

 @QueensUniv @cjstem Who are your clients exactly? What lines of business are they in? #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv I touch work for clients with $.99 products all the way up to $50M+ products. I'll name 3 in the next tweets. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Client 1: Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen ( works with us on @Facebook strategy. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Client 2: Quick Chek ( works with us on strategy and execution. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Client 3: Brother International works with us for social strategy and campaign concepts! #twinterview

 @QueensUniv @cjstem Cool! Sounds like a neat group. #twinterview

 @ocomfly @cjstem What tools do you suggest for others wanting to get in your field? @QueensUniv #twinterview

 @cjstem @ocomfly Skills = thirst for knowledge, passion for #socialmedia & the ability to make the complex simple. #twinterview CC: @QueensUniv

 @cjstem @ocomfly Tools = @mashable, @TheNextWeb, @pulsepad & #Brilliant people. You have to love learning from others. #twinterview CC: @QueensUniv

 @QueensUniv @cjstem Speaking of loving learning, what did you get out of the MACOMM program @TheKnightSchool that's helped your career? #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv I'd say there are three key assets I got from an MA @TheKnightSchool. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Asset 1 from @TheKnightSchool: The intersection of theory & practice. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Asset 2 from @TheKnightSchool: Appetite for creating excellent products that result from learning. #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Asset 3 from @TheKnightSchool: The ability to make the complex simple. #twinterview

 @QueensUniv @cjstem Wow, great to hear your thoughts about the MACOMM program @TheKnightSchool. #twinterview

 @Stace_Kay @cjstem Is there anything you think is a "what NOT to do" when it comes to an organization's social media marketing strategy? #twinterview

 @cjstem @Stace_Kay There are a few hard and fasts. One principle I would say is don't avoid your critics and cynics, they can teach you. #twinterview CC:@QueensUniv

 @kgstanley @cjstem I have to ask. What role do you see social media playing in the rebuilding of Penn St's brand image? Do's and don'ts #twinterview

 @cjstem @kgstanley First, for #PSU, it's about putting the academic institution before the football team. Period. #twinterview

 @cjstem @kgstanley #socialmedia should lead that commitment, by regularly promoting professors and stand-out students, not football. #twinterview

 @owenshill @cjstem How have you learned from your critics? Any examples? #twinterview

 @cjstem @owenshill In general, consumers can be a large orgs eyes and ears. I think we've seen that first hand. #twinterview

 @cjstem Final questions for #twinterview? I've got a call to jump on!

 @QueensUniv @cjstem Certain businesses ban #socialmedia at work. Do you think this affects employee morale or performance? #twinterview

 @cjstem @QueensUniv Banning #social at work is short-sighted. Having guidelines for proper use is a MUST. #twinterview

 @kgstanley @cjstem What advice would you give to someone who is on the fence about enrolling @TheKnightSchool #twinterview

 @cjstem @kgstanley Talk to those who have been (like me). It's not right for everyone, but ask someone who's gone. #twinterview

 @QueensUniv Thanks, everyone, for participating in this afternoon's #twinterview with @cjstem! And a huge thanks to Chris for making time for us!

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