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Summer & Fall Course Offerings

During the upcoming summer and fall semesters at the Knight School, students and professors will be busy learning, creating, and innovating. Throughout the summer, Dr. Leanne Pupchek will wrap up her Fulbright in L'viv, Ukraine, and both Dr. Daina Nathaniel and Dr. Zachary White will lead JBIP trips to Poland and Spain.

At Queens, students will have the option to take several courses offered during three summer sessions. At the undergraduate level, these courses include:

         Public Speaking with Dr. Bruce Marcey (Summer III)

         Digital Media Production with Dr. Jim Neale (Summer I)

         Small Group and Team Dynamics with Prof. Karen Dunn (Summer I)

         Film: History and Criticism with Prof. Karen Dunn (Summer III)

         Seminar: Food and Culture with Dr. Daina Nathaniel (Summer III)

Courses offered this fall will include core communication foundations as well as captivating new seminars. For any student undergraduates interested in finding out about communication or launching their communication major, we offer several sections of our core communication classes:

         Introduction to Communication (COMM 101)

         Public Speaking (COMM 200)

         Writing for Communication (COMM 202)

         Digital Media Production (COMM 210)

         News Writing and Editing (COMM 204)

         Practicum: the Queens Chronicle (COMM 213)

         Business Communication (COMM 217)

 For undergraduates who have completed at least COMM 101, we offer:

         Communication Theory (COMM 250)

         Communication Research (COMM 320)

         Organizational Communication (COMM 305)

         Integrated Strategic Communication (COMM 306)

         Media Aesthetics (COMM 309)

         Interpersonal Communication (COMM 322)

         Intercultural Communication (COMM 327)

         Family Communication (COMM 334)

         Sports: Communication and Culture (COMM 356)

         Advanced Digital Media Production (COMM 370)

         Media Law (COMM 346)

         Communication Special Topics (COMM 360): to be announced

         Communication Seminars (COMM 401): to be announced

Please see the catalog for further details about these courses. Registration will begin on Monday, March 26.  Note: course offerings are subject to change and some courses require additional prerequisites.

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