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Creativity and Innovation

Knight School of CommunicationGraduate students in the Knight School are using creativity to fuel innovation.

What can students learn while doing yoga with classmates, attending a storytelling night with the Brewpub Poet's Society and painting in the NoDa arts district together?

Dr. Kim Weller Gregory's students are doing all of that and more this summer in her Creativity and Innovation class in the Master's in Organizational and Strategic Communication program.

The course explores the way individuals and organizations can generate creativity and innovation in today's hyper-connected world, she said. Students are exploring traditional forms of creativity and innovation, such as curiosity and free-thinking, along with emerging forms including digital connectivity. The course focuses on several prerequisites of innovation including passion, community, experience, design, failure, storytelling, and personal integration. Dr. Gregory says effective communication in its various forms is key for innovation today. 

"By far, the biggest thing we've learned in class so far is that passion is imperative for innovation.  If you follow and develop your passion, it ignites in you and others a limitless amount of energy and ideas, no matter your business model," Gregory said.  "We've also committed to the idea that you can best tap into the innovation potential of the 'crowd,' not by strategically building a community around your product or service, but by connecting with and serving a community of like-minded people." 

Each student has created a blog about their passion and is in the process of building connectivity around it.  Students are also actively tweeting about their projects and innovation, using the hashtag #639create.  Others are welcome to join in on the conversation. They also formed a Facebook community.

"In all my years of teaching, this is the most passionate, energetic class I've had the pleasure of working with. I'm truly inspired by the creativity they are living out in their projects and their genuine support of one another."

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