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Transfer Student Finds Big City Success

Communication major Jorge Munoz transferred to Queens in spring of 2009.  "Queens was welcoming for me, but I had to put myself out there at the same time."

Jorge has done more than put himself out there during his time at Queens.  This summer alone, Jorge seized two amazing opportunities through the Queens' internship program.  After returning from a nine-week internship at London production company TC Soho, Jorge jumped at the chance to work with local CBS affiliate WBTV on covering the Democratic National Convention.   "I was working with web development.  I was snapping pictures and describing each with 140 characters.  My tweets were posted on their website."  

Jorge reflects on the DNC experience that Queens made possible through its local contacts, great location and commitment to experiential learning.  "The DNC was incredible.  I got to go into places that most people in Charlotte didn't get to go to.  I tried my best to portray what was happening uptown during the DNC so others could be informed.  I also covered a lot of the protestors.  I observed what it is like for the media, protestors and law enforcement to come together.  I was watching democracy in action."

Jorge looks back on the decisions that led him where he is, including his decision to transfer to Queens.  "I wasn't interested in a big school," he says.  "I prefer to be recognized as opposed to be one of the masses.  I want to know everyone and know my professors.  I love Queens."

Both the London internship and the DNC internship led to job offers.  Jorge explains, "My motto going into an internship is to exceed expectations at all times. Don't meet their requirements, surpass them.  So far it's worked."

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