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New Way to Resume

Graduate students in the Master of Arts in Communication program believe the resume of the future will look nothing like a single-spaced chronology of workplace accomplishments.

"The consensus among employers and recruiting firms is that the hiring process has shifted almost completely online," says Kim Weller Gregory, assistant professor at the Knight School of Communication. "Hiring managers will still use traditional resumes, but they also research the total online presence of the candidate."

That presence is now considered an online identity-even a brand. Gregory explains that for job applicants, "depicting their career visually is a positive way to manage their personal online brands."

Gregory tapped Mike Wirth, assistant professor of new media design in the College of Arts and Sciences, to share his expertise and examples of infographic resumes with her students. Wirth is an award-winning graphic design artist who specializes in information design and data visualization. Students learned how to use symbols and visual metaphors to signal strengths and themes.

"For me, I can see using an infographic on a future interview as a way to continue the conversation with a hiring manager, more so than the first piece of information he or she sees about me," says Queens graduate student Joshua Bassinger. "It could be a great way to distinguish myself from other candidates because the infographic lends a much better format for blending the professional and personal parts of my identity." 

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