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Prevail and conquer

By: Therese Olander

Every time I tell people that I major in communication, I am usually greeted with the question: so what kind of job will you get after graduation? This lack of understanding can be discouraging to a COMM major that is looking forward to a bright career in the future. Yet, as graduation approaches, many of us are asking ourselves similar questions. Will I be able to get a job after graduation?

Knight School of Communication at Queens strives to give its students the best variety of the new and old world of communication. Previous alumni have proven that they have what it takes to be successful. However, Knight School of Communication students that walk the stage at Commencement on May 7, 2011 may face new challenges for jobs and interviews. 

To be able to navigate through social media for example, Twitter, Facebook and blogging seem to be the new niche for communication majors.  Many of the professors at Queens University of Charlotte are on the forefront in promoting innovative ways to communicate. Dr. John. A. MacArthur is one of the pioneers, giving students a current perspective on social media. His somewhat unconventional methods enhance the learning process and include encouraging students to use Twitter during class and blog to build professional portfolios.

An article by Deborah S. Hildebrand states that the National Bureau of Colleges and Employers predict that there will be a climb in college hiring of 2011, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts that graduates with a journalism, public relations or communication degrees will be the most successful in the job market. 

So with these promising predictions, how do graduates from Knight School of Communication view the future?

Senior Ariel Hooper has a positive attitude as she has found a job in marketing research at Carolina Cartridge Systems. Inc. She explains that her four-year experience at Queens University of Charlotte benefitted her value as an important employee and communications professional.

"The essential skills in interpersonal communication and social media have been extremely important for me in my job. I feel confident, positive and assured to succeed in my field because of the skills that I learned in the Knight School of Communication," she says smiling.

The future is bright for Knight School seniors. We are hope, dream, and plan for the future with confidence, because we are here to make a mark on the past, current and future. We will prevail. We will conquer.
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