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Summer course offerings

During the upcoming summer semester at the Knight School, students and professors will be busy learning, creating, and innovating. Throughout the summer, Dr. Leanne Pupchek will wrap up her Fulbright in L'viv, Ukraine, and both Dr. Daina Nathaniel (Spain) and Dr. Zachary White (Poland) will lead JBIP trips.

At Queens, students will have the option to take several courses offered during three summer sessions. For graduate students, these courses include:

COMM 660:  Topics in Organizational Communication:  Communication Between Cultures with Dr. Janet McPherson (Summer I)
This course examines the challenges of effective communication in a diverse global landscape and how membership in and interaction with various, dynamic cultures impacts communication in our personal and professional lives. With a purposeful look at gender and generations, students in this course explore issues such as conversational ritual, leadership and authority, conflict management, work/life balance, and technology. The course will include an overview of intercultural and gender theory as well as experiential learning opportunities.

COMM 635:  Organizational and Employee Identity with Dr. Kim Weller-Gregory (Summer II)
This course critically examines the relationship between public and private identities in today's workplace. It explores the ways organizations strategically employ language and symbols to create particular organizational images and brands as well as how these rhetorical practices create and maintain ideologies that may limit employees' ability to construct coherent personal identities.

COMM 661:  Topics in Strategic Communication:  Mediated Constructions of Health with Dr. Zachary White (Summer III)
The goal of this course is to help students become better critical consumers and creators of mediated health messages by employing a variety of techniques of cultural and critical analysis. Since much of what we know and understand about health is symbolically re-presented in mediated texts, this course is devoted to enhancing media literacy.  In particular, this class examines mediated constructions of health (i.e., campaigns, advertisements, television shows, movies, online forums and support groups, video games, etc.) in a variety of contexts (i.e., pop culture, organizational, marketing, non-profit causes, etc.) to highlight how these constructions shape our conceptions of what is good, bad, desirable, and undesirable.

Please see the catalog for further details about these courses. Registration will begin on Monday, March 26. Note: course offerings are subject to change and some courses require additional prerequisites.

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