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TEDxCharlotte intern puts Queens education to use

Sara Beth JonesSara Beth Jones, a senior in the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte

by Emily Koll

Sara Beth Jones, a senior in the Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte, loves social media.  Through an internship with TEDxCharlotte, she was able to use various channels of social media to market annual TEDx conference held in October on the Queens campus.

Although she does have personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, Jones has also learned about how to use other social media outlets through her education at Queens University of Charlotte.

Her position as a Digital Media Intern required her to perform a wide variety of tasks, including designing Facebook posts, Tweeting, and even filming and editing videos for YouTube.  Jones says that the variety different job activities was her favorite part of the job.  According to Jones, TEDx had never truly had interns before, but her supervisors simply had the interns do everything.  "For the social media aspect, I knew about the things they were talking about, but I had to adapt to their style...their voice in Tweets.  And I took Dr. [Jim] Neale's Digital Media Class so I knew about the technology, but every camera is different.  The other intern would be filming, and then I would be filming."

While Jones' main responsibility with TEDx was preparing for the Charlotte conference, she is continuing her work with the nonprofit.  She is currently editing all video footage from the conference, merging shots from three cameras into a single, flowing video which she will then post on YouTube.

Jones' only regret from the TEDx conference was that it occurred on the Queens campus during Fall Break, a time when many students could not come and appreciate the conference for themselves.  She believes that many Queens students would have enjoyed the conference, which centered around Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED); the speakers at the conference were allowed to choose any variety of topics as long as one of the tenets of the organization (TED) was met.

More information about TEDx and its Charlotte conference can be found on its website, Here you can find links to the Twitter and Facebook feeds from the event as well as a link to pictures from the conference.

Emily Koll is a senior Organizational Communication and Spanish double major, hoping to pursue either a career in Strategic Communication and Integrated Marketing or an advanced Spanish degree.

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