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The recipe for media production

Queens professor Dr. Jim Neale has a new production crew with new concepts for this spring semester. Since the start of this semester, the students of the Advanced Media Production class have been ardently working on creating concepts for "My Show," selecting interesting professors to interview and developing their production skills. The orchestra of students has to work together and complete a show every Thursday.

The first important concept created was the name of the show. While going through mock interviews, student, Eric Baiden-Quayson started his interview by saying: "My name is Eric, and welcome to my show."  Dr. Neale was inspired by that statement, and felt that it was befitting for the intended structure of the show.  My Show entails students interviewing an array of professors, and learning the hobbies of these individuals. 

The journey of producing My Show has been an enjoyable rollercoaster ride.

Dr. Neale has strategically placed students outside of their comfort zones when assigning different positions of production. This notion is essential for development in the media production industry. Some of these positions require for the individual to connect with a personal attribute: personality or even editing skills. 

Junior Brittani Hunter who has hosted three shows, says: "It has been such a thrill. I'm learning new things about professors that I didn't even know. As students, we sometimes forget that our professors have other hobbies outside of teaching. During the show, I get to sit down, one-on-one with different professors, and learn about their passions outside of teaching."

This show has the ability of conveying professors in a different light rather than the curmudgeons that assign a plethora of work. Things to look forward in the near future from the Advanced Media Production class: topics discussing chips in trash (to track what is being thrown away); Dr. el-Nawawy and soccer; Oscar's upsets and many more topics.

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