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Using an organizational communication degree

Knight School of Communication alumna Anne Marie Wicker '09 recently started a new job at, a company that specializes in the management of websites, custom website design, and software development.  Jon Ferris and Aaron Forsyth started the company in an effort to combat brain drain in developing countries while also fulfilling their clients' needs. This past summer, Anne Marie also completed a certificate program at Boston University in Project Management.

 "I was selected for the position and am learning so much already about managing website projects.  I am very grateful for this incredible opportunity and am glad that I utilized the skills I learned at Queens that helped lead me to this position!

I chose to major in Corporate Communication because I wanted to study something that would be applicable to many different professions and industries in the business world. The skills you learn in the Communication program will be very useful regardless of the exact job title you have.

I was especially challenged in the communication classes I took with Dr. el-Nawawy. Although his courses were hard and required a lot of work, I grew so much as a student by taking them.  Dr. el-Nawawy is incredibly intelligent and his teaching reflects his professional experience and knowledge. My favorite course at Queens was Global Issues: Africa with Professor Campbell.  It was a fascinating course and Professor Campbell was so passionate about Africa and the issues we studied.  I enjoyed every day of that class.  From a practical standpoint, the internship and career class really does help you develop an understanding of the importance of networking in order to find a job.  It also provides great practice with interviewing.

 The classes I took at Queens strengthened my communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills, which will definitely benefit me in my current position as well as in my career long term.

Queens is a great university that will provide you with an excellent education.  At Queens you are not just a number.  Your professors will know you in a personal way and will remember you even after you have graduated."

 During her time at Queens, Anne Marie was president of the International Club for two years, was involved in Honor Council and Campus Judicial Board, participated in Emerging Leaders, and was in honor sororities for both (Poli Sci and Comm) as well as Mortar Board as a senior.

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