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Alumni Testimonials

Our Master of Arts Communication students are working to improve their careers and their organizations everyday in Charlotte and beyond.

Here's what some of our students and alumni are doing. . .

Lelia King

This program is not just within these four walls. This program is really integrated in our community, in Charlotte, and it's about giving back as much as it is about helping yourself…Watch Lelia's full testimonial on YouTube.

Lelia King '14
Master of Arts in Communication

Stephen Fogg

It's reshaped my entire way of thinking about my profession and career path…Watch Stephen's full testimonial on YouTube.

Stephen Fogg '14
Master of Arts in Communication

Judith Malveaux

I learned how to apply communication theory to come up with best tactics in a strategic communication plan and use that theory in a real-world context … Watch Judith's full testimonial on YouTube.

Judith Malveaux ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

Valerie Graham

They don't hold you back in this program…Watch Valerie's full testimonial on YouTube.

Valerie Graham '14
Master of Arts in Communication

Meghan Dennehy

Being out of school for 7 years, and then coming back in with life skills, and the skills I've learned from my job, it put me in a good spot to be able to give back to people in the program…Watch Meghan's full testimonial on YouTube.

Meghan Dennehy '14
Master of Arts in Communication

Tamara Stinson

I recently took a new position and I would not have been able to go in and nail that position and sell myself had it not been for the confidence of what I’ve learned here in this program … Watch Tamara's full testimonial on YouTube.

Tamara Stinson ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

William King

The biggest takeaways from the program are the relationships you develop … Watch William's full testimonial on YouTube.

William King ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

Valarie Udeh

The digital communications class was an opportunity to understand not the practice of social media, but the strategy and the use of social media. I’ve been able to take that experience, social media from an outside perspective, and bring it into an internal communications perspective … Watch Valarie's full testimonial on YouTube.

Valarie Udeh ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

Jennifer Hull

A personal experience started my capstone project. My daughter was born six weeks early …Watch Jennifer's full testimonial on YouTube.

Jennifer Hull ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

Jim Shoff

When I retired early at age 48, I realized that I had spent most of my time between work and home. We started focusing on the work of different theorists and learned about the idea of  ‘social capital’ … Watch Jim's full testimonial on YouTube.

Jim Shoff ‘12
Master of Arts, Strategic and Organizational Communication

Laura Tillistrand

There’s a lot of discussion about leadership development and pushing executives to be the best that they can be in terms of leading organizations. Given my work experience …Watch Laura's full testimonial on YouTube.

Laura Tillistrand ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

Leasa Tvedt

I think that you can take any concept taught in this program and apply it to nearly any aspect of your personal and professional life … Watch Leasa's full testimonial on YouTube.

Leasa Tvedt ‘13
Master of Arts in Communication

Catherine Whittaker

As soon as I mentioned at work that we're talking in class about how to use Twitter and facebook and social media to drive tangible business revenues and awareness for initiatives, my boss and everybody on my team got so excited about the class . . . Watch Catherine's full testimonial on YouTube.

Catherine Whittaker '11
Human Resources, Financial Services Institution, Charlotte

Adriana Gonzalez

I love this program. I'm a journalist and I came here to this country to learn about different cultures and corporate America and corporate communications. And I realized that everything is different here in America, and I'm going to be able to go back to my country and apply all the knowledge that I'm learning from this school . . . Watch Adriana's full testimonial on YouTube.

Adriana Gonzalez '11
Communication Consultant, Free Lance Journalist

Rick Curry

It would be an understatement to say that this program was a transformative force in my life. Aside from developing friendships that will last a lifetime, this program provided a safe, yet challenging environment that allowed me grow in personal ways I hadn't even imagined . . . Watch Rick's full testimonial on YouTube.

Rick Curry '10
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication

Jason Fararooei

For me, the entire experience at Queens—with the professors and my graduate school colleagues—changed my entire life perspective. It also changed my perspective on education, and work, and the dynamic that's created between colleagues in an organization . . . Watch Jason's full testimonial on YouTube.

Jason Fararooei '09
President & Executive Producer, Yellow Cape Communications

Liz Horgan

I took five years out of the workforce to be at home with my kids, and knew that to get back into the business world required me to update my knowledge and skills. While I mostly loved my career in financial planning and services, I wanted to do something totally different.

What I found at the Knight School of Communication opened up a whole new way of looking at the world and my career options. The curriculum provided foundational and cutting-edge learning, which were enhanced by discussions and the sharing of divergent points of view and varied experiences from both students and professors.

This program has enabled me to reinvent myself. My professional focus is now to help small businesses with social media and to integrate relational communication into their overall communications plan. I feel that my confidence has increased, and I have noticed changes in my ability to communicate. It is exciting for me to be at this stage in my career and personal development - Queens helped me get here!

Elizabeth Horgan, '11
Social Media Consultant

Christopher Stemborowski

The MA in Organizational and Strategic Communication program provides students with the perfect balance of in-depth academic theory and real-world application. I feel that the balance of theory and practice is the only way to truly advance your understanding in the communication field. In addition to this, Queens is not afraid to offer courses on the cutting-edge, even when a specific subject area is so new that no curriculum or text exists. Being able to focus on the latest areas of interest was one of the best aspects of this program. Ultimately, choosing The Knight School of Communication at Queens was one of the best decisions of my life.

Christopher Stemborowski '10
Assistant Communication Strategist, Oxford Communications

Meagan Nedlo

For me, the best part about the MA in Organizational and Strategic Communication program was meeting fellow students with such diverse and varied backgrounds. Taking courses with people of all different ages, professions, cultures and religions ensured that every course topic was analyzed from multiple perspectives. As a recent graduate of the program, I'm now grateful to call many of these people my friends.

Meagan Nedlo '10
North American Field Marketing Manager, Karhu North America

Marianne Boglovits

When I began the Organizational and Strategic Communication graduate program at Queens, I had been out of school for about 12 years so coming back to take classes was a little scary for me. After a couple of semesters of taking classes at Queens, I was displaced from my job. The students and faculty in the Communications program were very supportive and encouraging to me during this time of transition. I didn't want to give up my classes because I was learning about theories and concepts that were applicable to my line of work.

I know the knowledge and relationships created through the program helped me get a new job successfully. With my degree, I am able to offer my new company strategies of dealing with challenges in organizations, creativity to better analyze complex situations, and the application of communication theories, structures, and processes in a work situation. Because I was able to immerse myself in my passion, I have grown both personally and professionally. The faculty and students from the program have become an important part of my life. I am proud to be a Queens graduate in the Organizational and Strategic Communication program!

Marianne Boglovits '10
Instructional Specialist, Lowe's Home Improvement

Clint Patterson

Attending the Knight School of Communication was a great experience. During my coursework, I met classmates and professors who pushed me to be better and to view aspects of organizations, work, and life from different perspectives. Eventually, we became like a second family that met a couple times a week to learn in a creative and open atmosphere. Our classes provided an open forum where tough questions could be asked and where knowledge could be challenged. I'm glad I went through the Master of Arts in Organizational and Strategic Communication program, and I can say that concepts I learned during my time at Queens continue to play a part in my daily life both at home and at work.

Clint Patterson '09
Sr. Public Information Officer - Webmaster
Mecklenburg County Government

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