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Minor in Journalism


The minor in journalism, housed in the Knight School of Communication, trains students to be sophisticated information analysts and cross-platform storytellers. Students are equipped to navigate multiple and merged media platforms, and provided with the critical and practical skills to thrive in a convergent digital media environment. The minor in journalism is open to all students, with the exception of those pursuing the BA in Journalism and Digital Media. To declare a minor in communication, stop by the Knight School of Communication in Dana 105A.


Foundation (16 credit hours)
COMM 219 Principles and History of Journalism
COMM 204 News Writing and Reporting
COMM 314 Multimedia Writing and Reporting
COMM 364 Media Law and Ethics

Contexts (8 credit hours) choose 2 courses from:
COMM 210 Digital Media Production
COMM 315 Layout and Design
COMM 316 Community Journalism and Public Affairs
COMM 318 Photojournalism
COMM 319 Multimedia Storytelling
COMM 321 Audio Production
COMM 405 Journalism and Media Innovation

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