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Minor in Media Studies and Popular Culture


The interdisciplinary minor in media studies and popular culture is open to all students including communication majors in the Knight School of Communication. Housed in the Knight School of Communication, the minor in media studies and popular culture offers coursework related to current movements and critical pathways in media, art and culture. To declare a minor in communication, stop by the Knight School of Communication in Dana 105A.


Foundation (4 credit hours)
COMM 111 Introduction to Media Studies

Frameworks (8 credit hours) choose 2 courses from:
COMM 231 Film Studies
COMM 233 Television Studies
COMM 324 Studies in New Media
COMM 328 Video Games Studies
COMM 348 Communication and American Popular Culture

Contexts* (12 credit hours) choose 3 courses from:
COMM 210 Digital Media Production
COMM 219 Principles and History of Journalism
COMM 325 Global and International Media
COMM 343 Mass Communication
COMM 346 Middle East Media
COMM 364 Media Law and Ethics
COMM 401 Communication Seminar (with media studies related title)
ENGL 351 Literature and Film
ENGL 355 Special Studies in Literature
HIST 289 Seminar in US History
MUSC 200 From Jazz to Rock 'n' Roll
MUSC 207 Music in America
PHIL 240 Philosophy through Film

*Courses not used to satisfy the Frameworks requirement can be substituted in Contexts.
Additional substitutions may be approved with permission of Knight School advisor.

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