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Minor in Organizational Communication

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Students who choose a minor in organizational communication study the application of communication principles to a business and its internal and external constituencies. To declare a minor in communication, stop by the Knight School of Communication in Dana 105A.


Frameworks (12 credit hours) the following courses are required:
COMM 101 Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 217 Business Communication*
COMM 305 Organizational Communication
COMM 306 Integrated Strategic Communication

Contexts (6 credit hours) choose 2 courses from:
COMM 317 Gender & Communication
COMM 322 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 327 Intercultural Communication
COMM 332 Conflict Management
COMM 335 Persuasion
COMM 344 Group Dynamics & Team Building
COMM 357 Sports Promotion & Publicity
COMM 401 Communication Seminar (with organizational related title)

*All McColl School of Business majors enroll in COMM 217 for their major requirements. COMM 217 cannot apply to both the major and minor. Business majors who choose a minor in Organizational Communication must select an alternate course from the above list to reach the required 18 hours in the Organizational Communication Minor.

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