The Undergraduate Experience

Undergraduate Experience

Knight School of Communication students have a variety of academic opportunities that they can choose to pursue during their time at Queens. Among them are internships, media production, academic honor societies, and directed work with professors in our communication seminar and capstone courses.

Communication Capstone

The Communication Capstone is a culminating experience for graduating undergraduates in the Knight School of Communication. Students prepare for the capstone through the completion of their coursework in the major. Read More

Communication Seminar

The Communication Seminar, an academic initiative in the Knight School of Communication which is required for all majors in the School, is designed to be a specific learning experience designed for a small group (approximately 15) of learners under the guidance of a faculty member. These seminars address current topics, skills, technologies, or movements in communication, broadly defined. Read More


Knight School of Communication students have been awarded prestigious internships in a variety of local business and media arenas. Read More

Community Art is a space on the first floor of Dana Building devoted solely to creativity and experimentation. It is designed to be a communal area for exploring concepts and ideas, creating a stopping point in one of our building thoroughfares. Read More

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