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Student Success

"I couldn't wait to get back to my team to implement the policies and procedures we learned and created in the BCM Course. Everyone was thankful for my experience in the course"!

"When the course began, I quickly realized my idea of 'preparedness' was totally outdated. I learned modern-day techniques and processes for quick, efficient recovery processes that will no doubt improve my company's chance at overcoming obstacles that could have otherwise put us out of business".

"I couldn't understand why more businesses are not realizing the value in having a team of trained preparedness and business continuity professionals. I know my company finds great peace in knowing if something unexpected occurs, we'll be prepared".

"My experience in the course totally debunked the myth of disaster-recovery professionals and training was only needed in a high risk area where weather-related disasters occur. Now I understand that events like security breaches, water damage, website crash, or power outages can cause just as much detriment to a business as a natural disaster".

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