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The Dalton Review® for the CFP® Examination

The review is open to all CFP students and will be held at Queens University of Charlotte October 4-7, 2017. All Queens University CFP students are eligible to receive a $100 discount when enrolling in The Dalton Review. Contact Dalton Education or Queens University's Center for Academic & Professional Development in order to receive the discount code.

In order to better prepare for the CFP exam, Queens University recommends attending The Dalton Review, a comprehensive CFP exam review and preparation course. If you are committed to passing the CFP exam, enrolling in a financial planning education program through Queens University and The Dalton Review Guarantee To PassTM Package are your keys to success. The Dalton Review is considered to be the best CFP Exam review course in the country.

All you need to do is complete all components of The Dalton Review, as detailed below, score 70% or better on the final exam readiness quiz and take the CFP exam within two exam cycles of your enrollment date.

The Dalton Review Guarantee To Pass package includes:

  • The Dalton exclusive, Guarantee To Pass Kit

✓ Pre-Study Booklet Set (Six Study Booklets)
✓ Exam-Focused Handout Book
✓ Access to the online Dalton Testbank
✓ The Dalton CFP Professional T-shirt
✓ Dalton CFP Exam Flashcards
Financial Calculator Essentials

  • The Review Readiness Quiz to evaluate the collective strengths and weaknesses of your particular class, with customized supplemental lectures tailored to address those unique strengths and weaknesses. Plus, a personal evaluation of your own individual strengths and weakness, followed by an individual, thirty-minute coaching session to ensure that you proceed through The Dalton Review, on the right track.
  • Thirty-six hours of intensive core classroom preparation in the Dalton RealTimeTM Classroom.
  • At least ten (10) hours of customized, supplemental lectures, based on your individual and collective class test results, with diagnostic question/answer analysis based on unique test questions.
  • The Dalton Exam Readiness Quiz - A key part of the Guarantee To Pass package, for you must score 70% or better to qualify for the guarantee. Your exam readiness results are the basis for a personal evaluation by your Dalton Review instructor of your own individual knowledge base, followed by an individual, thirty-minute coaching session and final preparation - making sure you go confidently into the CFP exam, prepared to pass.
  • Kickoff Plan for Passing the CFP Exam that outlines the study tools and study schedule to make the most efficient use of your time and pass the CFP exam the first time.

Key points that add up to passing the CFP exam:

  • Thirty-six hours of classroom review instruction:
    • Live review classes
    • Live online, instructor led reviews
    • Students may attend both the traditional classroom and live-online reviews at no additional cost
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Pass rates are consistently 70-80% on the CFP exam
  • Exam Readiness Quiz provides a predicted probability of passing the CFP exam
  • Take The Dalton Review twice before taking the CFP exam at no additional cost
  • Free repeats if you are unsuccessful on the exam*

Visit to enroll or call Queens University at 704.688.2705 for more information.

*Free repeats are in lieu of receiving your money back if unsuccessful on the CFP Exam after enrolling in the Guarantee To Pass package with The Dalton Review.

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