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Program Benefits

Why should I send someone to TWIST?

Benefits for your organization will include giving the leaders you send a rare opportunity to step back and examine some fundamental assumptions they carry about themselves and their leadership in your organization, learning from them what they gained from the conference, and helping them express and leverage these new leadership capabilities across your organization.  Is there a woman in your organization who is showing promise as a leader, affects an important context for your business, who may have greater strengths than the organization is utilizing, who shows the capability to honestly look at herself and others, and who has the patience to pursue some deeper questions?

The leaders you send from your organization will have exposure to other leadership styles and strategies to broaden their leadership lens. The 2014 TWIST Conference focus is Wise Leadership, which will equip your leaders with ways to leverage thought power and ultimately make  decisions based on the greater good.  Among other benefits, TWIST provides:

  • The opportunity for extended conversation with Prasad Kaipa and exposure to his insights on success in a global economy.
  • A rich cross-section of women at this conference.  Leaders you send will develop a deep network of support and have a boot-camp kind of exposure to leading edge thinking on leadership.
  • Understanding of one's own perceptual filters shaped by our predispositions, assumptions and experiences has a powerful effect on making sense of leadership challenges in the 21st century.   
  • A deeper ability to examine and surface those filters and ways that process can produce more value for their organizations.
  • A powerful network- your best women can develop a support system outside your organization, as well as inside. This network will involve honest and thoughtful discourse and act as a resource.


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