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Mary Jo, 2013 TWIST ParticipantMary Jo, 2013 TWIST Participant

Thinking about attending TWIST? Here's what some previous TWISTers have said about the Conference:

"The tone the facilitators set for the entire conference was very open, vulnerable, funny and engaging. They set the tone from the moment we began, and it really helped to cement the group. The activities were also all designed to engage the group and allowed folks to open up in a safe environment. It was an amazingly powerful conference." 

"Overall the conference was extremely interesting and well put together. I found the diverse range of women in attendance to be one of the most valuable aspects of the experience. The wide range of careers and life experiences definitely provided for a richer dialogue throughout the 3 days."

 "I have always said I would love to go skydiving, but I had never done anything to make that desire a reality. After attending the TWIST Conference and finding a new sense of self and a stronger commitment to putting myself as a priority, I took the leap. Literally, I jumped from 14,000 ft., fell at a rate of 120 mph, then after pulling the chute, floated to earth and made a smooth landing. It was the most freeing and exhilarating experience in my life. Cross that off the bucket list!"

"The conference facilitators took a unique approach to leadership development that resonated with me and many of the participants. Specifically, the introspective and reflective nature of the sessions provided a fresh lens to view various leadership styles."

"The choice of location was also great. The change between conference rooms and the casual lodge setting helped make the event feel intimate and relaxed. The conference didn't have that stuffy feeling where I felt like I had to always wear that professional 'hat.' I could be myself, which is sometimes hard."


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