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Action Learning

What is Action Learning?

The Action Learning Process is an opportunity for participants to apply what they are learning in class to real, unresolved issues facing your organization now.

It is based on the research into how executives learn. We work with you to develop challenging action learning assignments based on your real world challenges and then place participants into teams to research and propose solutions. We match teams with faculty coaches who can accelerate the learning process, and insure the teams consider multiple perspectives, employ rigorous thinking and get maximum value from the learning experience.

Action Learning is a not a test, but a learning lab. It calls upon participants to develop and demonstrate skills in teamwork, leadership, collaboration, analytical and strategic thinking and innovation. Our clients consistently say that Action Learning is one of the most valuable aspects of the program.

Read what others are saying...

"Action learning assignments" turn our real business issues into problems for teams of participants.  The team  members work together to  thoroughly research the issues and develop a proposed course of action, which they present to senior management about six months after receiving the assignment.

When we began the program, we the action learning assignments would be a good development tool, and they are.  But we never imagined the tremendous benefits we would receive as a company from the work product.  The recommendations and implementation plans have been every bit as valuable as if we had retained  external consultants, and we've had the added benefit that the team members are committed to putting the results into action beginning the day the presentation is made."  

Ernie Schaub, CEO
EnPro Industries


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