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Need to become more entrepreneurial?

A client company manufactured mature products in mature markets and faced limited growth potential without an ability to develop new products and markets. How to change a costconcious manufacturingdriven culture into one that is entrepreneurial and innovative? Simply raising the RD budget wont do it. ELI worked with this company to create a process for surfacing new product ideas quickly vetting and sorting the most viable to test and moving fast on those with genuine potential.

Merging the cultures of two companies?

A client company faced the prospect of integrating the cultures of previously separate companies hoping to leverage knowledge and capabilities across organizational boundaries. The CEO was also concerned about developing future enterprise leaders who would understand the differing businesses and markets and be prepared to lead a newly merged company into a period of accelerated growth. ELI developed an extended leadership development process that brought these leaders from around the world together to develop their strategic and leadership skills. Working together across organizational boundaries on Action Learning assignments led to greater collaboration across boundaries and understanding of the differing markets and challenges. Action Learning teams recommended processes and programs that are now part of the culture in this growing company. 

Managers struggling? High turnover in the management ranks?

A client company experienced high turnover in the upper and middle management ranks. One factor leading to this was the fact that these managers felt uncertain of themselves in their new roles but each struggled on a different issue. ELI developed a customized executive coaching process with a disciplined and outcomefocused approach to tackle this problem. Using a pool of superb executive coaches who work with our MBA students ELI helped these high potential leaders each become more effective by working on their own issues in a highly personalized coaching program.

International Growth

A client company faced the imperative to grow into Asia and around the world with a very UScentric approach. The ELI developed classes led by experts in culture and used models and assessments to demystify cultural differences. Natives of India and China shared expertise on doing business in those cultures.

Launching an IPO?

One client company was about to launch an IPO and a new strategy for growth. The CEO was concerned that the layer of leadership below his direct reports needed more sophisticated business and leadership skills to succeed in a growing public company subject to investor and analyst scrutiny. Eli designed and delivered a leadership development process for 90 leaders with the curriculum designed around the new strategy and the changes inherent in becoming a public company.

Next generation of senior leaders not ready?

A client company had experienced a decade or more of consolidation and flattening that had resulted in less upward opportunity for growth. Consequently they faced a senior leadership team rapidly approaching retirement age and an inadequate pool of managers ready now for senior leadership. ELI developed a leadership development process to get the next generation ready fast. The program accelerated the development of strategic perspective using classes and Action Learning and drew upon the company's current senior leadership as adjunct faculty on the forces that will drive the company's future success.

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