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Coaching Certificate Courses

The Coaching Certificate is a 15-credit-hour program composed of three core courses, taken sequentially, and two electives, chosen from the MS in Organization Development (MSOD), Professional MBA (PMBA) or MA in Communications (MA COMM) with the help of your advisor.

ODEV 640 Introduction to Coaching Theories and Application
This course examines organizational coaching and surveys the foundational disciplines on which the practice of organizational cooaching is based, applicable theories and methods. Coaching will be explored as an intervention and developmental technology. Students are introduced to the practice of coaching and coaching conversation models as well as coaching-related skills including contracting, listening, questioning, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing progress and accountability. 3 Credit Hours

ODEV 645 Advanced Coaching Theories
A survey of advanced and contemporary theories in the study of organizational coaching and of the leading scholars who have made important contributions to the field. Topics will include formal and informal coaching relationships; internal and external practices; and advance coaching-related skill development. Students will develop coaching skills through in-class and out-of-class practice. Prerequisite: ODEV 640. 3 Credit Hours

ODEV 650 Coaching Practicum
This course provides the opportunity for students to engage in applied coaching efforts in the field. Working independently with a client, students will provide an intensive coaching consultation. This applied field experience is a supervised practicum. Prerequisite: ODEV 640 and ODEV 645. 3 Credit Hours

For descriptions of possible electives, refer to course descriptions for the MSOD, PMBA, and MA COMM programs. Choose two.



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