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Leadership Development

The McColl School defines leadership by the 3C's: Competence, Character and Commitment to Community.  These three components are the guiding principles throughout the McColl experience.  In addition to demonstrating competence in business strategies and practices, effective leaders demonstrate self-awareness, self-confidence, the capability to interact effectively with others, to think creatively and to learn from experience.  Your experience with the McColl program will be rich with opportunities to develop your leadership ability both within and outside the classroom.

The MSEC program has an integrated approach to leadership development, specifically with the development of self-awareness. Through a combination of personality/psychosometric testing and feedback, students have the opportunity to learn about your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development. During this program, you will be challenged to:

  • Identify areas of growth through feedback from your colleagues, classroom peers, and faculty as well as assessment tools.
  • Learn how to refine your coaching style and the key executive coaching skills organizations value.
  • Grow and define a development plan for yourself and work on the skills you want to hone with faculty, peers, networking mentors, executives in residence and a personal business coach.
  • Apply your new skills: get feedback in an environment that supports your development and gives you an opportunity to try new things.

In addition to all the components listed above, the MSEC program also offers students the opportunity to work with Executive Coaches in Residence. This international group includes executive coaches, coaching researchers, and coaching practice leaders. You can learn directly from coaching thought and practice leaders through special seminar sessions only available to MSEC students. For more information, read our Executive Coaches in Residence biographies.

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