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The PMBA curriculum stresses the interaction of the functional areas of business within the broader social and international context reflecting the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility. The curriculum is developed, taught and regularly updated by a faculty with strong academic and business experience. They stress the need to develop communication and writing skills, international and cultural awareness, and a comprehensive managerial perspective. The curriculum includes a high proportion of specifically required courses to ensure exposure to essential techniques, experiences and information for today's manager. The program begins with the development of a comprehensive background and offers a common core of managerial skills and required competencies in the functional areas of business.

PMBA classes are highly interactive, engaging students in group-driven presentations, discussions, and case studies. Three types of courses come together to create a comprehensive learning model:

Foundation courses are designed to provide preparation in and an understanding of quantitative and behavioral skills. The contents of the core courses are based on the assumption that students have mastered the knowledge and skills included in the foundation courses. Foundation courses may be waived. Waivers are given by the Admissions Committee on a case-by-case basis. Candidates must demonstrate a strong undergraduate academic record and an understanding of accounting and finance.

Core courses focus on the functional areas of business. This portion of the curriculum underscores the complexity and diversity of managerial decisions in national and international economies.

Three electives are required to complete the degree. Students may take related elective courses to form a concentration which can add depth your MBA degree. Concentrations are available in Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, International Perspectives, and Healthcare Leadership. A concentration is not required.

Students may choose to participate in an International Study Tour as an optional elective or simply for an international experience.

Degree Requirements (39 credit hours)

FOUNDATION COURSES (6 credit hours- may be waived)
BUSN 542 MBA Foundations I
BUSN 543 MBA Foundations II

CORE COURSES (30 credit hours)
BUSN 600 Leadership Development
BUSN 605 Law and Ethics
BUSN 608 International Business
BUSN 610 Management of Organizations
BUSN 615 Economics for Managerial Decisions
BUSN 620 Managerial Accounting
BUSN 622 Financial Management
BUSN 630 Marketing Management
BUSN 635 Business Analytics
BUSN 650 Strategic Management*

* BUSN 650 Strategic Management is the capstone course of the PMBA program and thus is taken after all other core courses are completed. It may be scheduled with an elective, but it may not be taken with any other required course.

ELECTIVE COURSES (9 credit hours)
Students may choose any three electives. They may be unrelated or part of a concentration.

Finance Concentration
BUSN 658 Investment Analysis
BUSN 668 International Finance
BUSN 671 Seminar in Financial Management

Marketing Concentration
BUSN 655 Consumer Behavior
BUSN 657 Market Research
BUSN 659 International Marketing

Entrepreneurship Concentration
BUSN 653 Entrepreneurship
BUSN 663 Creative Connections
BUSN 675 Hyper-Connected Innovation

Executive Coaching Concentration
BUSN 672 Introduction to Coaching Theories
BUSN 673 Advanced Coaching Theories
BUSN 674 Coaching Practicum

International Perspectives Concentration
BUSN 659 International Marketing
BUSN 665 International Experience
BUSN 668 International Financial Management

Healthcare Leadership Concentration (choose 3)
NURS 624 Health Policy
NURS 628 Informatics in Healthcare
NURS 630 Data Interpretations
NURS 632 Research Methods

Other Electives

BUSN 652 Technology Management
BUSN 656 Operations Management
BUSN 662 Capitalism and Its Origins
BUSN 664 Legal Environments of Business
BUSN 670 Topics in Business
BUSN 676 Management Consulting
BUSN 677 Interpersonal & Group Dynamics
BUSN 680 Independent Study

MSN/MBA Dual Degrees: An option exists for students interested in pursuing both degrees. Degree requirements for the Professional MBA program include 6 credit hours of foundation courses, 30 credit hours in specified business courses, and 9 credit hours of electives. Some of the MBA courses are required for the MSN, and certain MSN courses can count as electives for the MBA. As a result of these overlaps, the total number of hours required for both degrees may be substantially less than the combined hours for the individual degrees. Students who plan to complete both degrees must meet the requirements for both the MSN and MBA. Generally, students will find it beneficial to complete the MSN first and then proceed to the MBA; however, each student's situation may be somewhat different so it is important to plan ahead. Call the McColl School Graduate Admissions Office at 704-337-2224 for more information and to schedule an appointment with a counselor.

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