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The PMBA curriculum stresses the interaction of the functional areas of business within the broader social and international context reflecting the highest standards of ethical and social responsibility. The curriculum is developed, taught and regularly updated by a faculty with strong academic and business experience. They stress the need to develop communication and writing skills, international and cultural awareness, and a comprehensive managerial perspective. The curriculum includes a high proportion of specifically required courses to ensure exposure to essential techniques, experiences and information for today's manager. The program begins with the development of a comprehensive background and offers a common core of managerial skills and required competencies in the functional areas of business.

PMBA classes are highly interactive, engaging students in group-driven presentations, discussions, and case studies. Three types of courses come together to create a comprehensive learning model:

Foundation courses are designed to provide preparation in and an understanding of accounting, finance and statistics. The contents of the core courses are based on the assumption that students have mastered the knowledge and skills included in the foundation courses. Foundation courses may be waived. Waivers are given by the Admissions Committee on a case-by-case basis. Candidates must demonstrate a strong undergraduate academic record and an understanding of accounting, finance and statistics.

Core courses focus on the functional areas of business. This portion of the curriculum underscores the complexity and diversity of managerial decisions in national and international economies.

Students also have the option to participate in an International Study Tour.

Foundation Courses

PMB 542 MBA Foundations I

PMB 543 MBA Foundations II

Core Courses

PMB 600 Leadership Development

PMB 605 Law and Ethics

PMB 610 Organizational Behavior

PMB 615 Economics for Managers

PMB 620 Managerial Accounting

PMB 625 Managerial Finance

PMB 630 Marketing Management

PMB 635 Business Analytics

PMB 640 Managing in a Global Context

PMB 645 Management Information Systems

PMB 650 Operations Management

PMB 655 Strategic Planning and Implementation

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