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MSOD CurriculumThe MSOD curriculum focuses on the use-of-self in leading organizational and personal change, emphasizing the impact of executive coaching on change management. The curricuulm was designed by faculty with strong academic and business experience, specifically in the areas of management consulting, organizational change, and executive coaching. Grounded in behavioral sciences, the curriculum stresses communication and writing skills, international and cultural awareness, and a comprehensive managerial perspective. Course instruction is presented through various methods including lecture, group projects, and applied OD and consulting experiences with local business and not-for-profit organizations.

Degree Requirements (36 credit hours)
Each course is 3 credit hours unless noted otherwise. 

CORE COURSES (27 credit hours)
ODEV 600 Leadership Development
ODEV 604 Business Acumen
ODEV 625 Introduction to Organization Development
ODEV 626 Organizational System Change
ODEV 635 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics
ODEV 640 Introduction to Coaching Theories and Application
ODEV 672 Research Methods 
ODEV 675 Capstone Practicum in Organization Development (6 credit hours)

ELECTIVE COURSES (9 credit hours)
Students may choose any three electives.

ODEV 632 Conflict Management
ODEV 645 Advanced Coaching Theories and Application*
ODEV 650 Coaching Practicum*
ODEV 653 Entrepreneurship 
ODEV 654 Personality Assessments at Work
ODEV 655 Hyper-connected Innovation
ODEV 656 Management Consulting
ODEV 657 Transformational Change
ODEV 663 Creative Connections
ODEV 665 International Experience
ODEV 670 Topics in Organization Development
ODEV 680 Independent Study

*To earn the Coaching Certificate as part of the Master of Science in Organization Development, students complete ODEV 645 Advanced Topics in Coaching Theories and Application and ODEV 650 Coaching Practicum as two of their elective courses.

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