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McColl School Alumni

Hugh McColl and Bob WoodHugh McColl, Jr. with McColl alumnus Bob Woods

Welcome to the McColl School Alumni Association (MSAA), your link to more than 1,800 business and community leaders.

Our vision as an Alumni Association is to be an unparalleled asset in the lives of McColl School alumni and students. We achieve that by connecting, engaging and empowering lifelong relationships of these two invaluable groups.

Supporting the Alumni Association through your involvement and leadership is the best way to build the reputation and prestige of the McColl School of Business. We encourage you to become a part of the exciting growth of the school. Whether you attend an event, serve on an alumni committee or stay in touch with faculty, continued engagement remains a key part of the overall success and continued growth of the McColl School.

To learn more about involvement in the MSAA and how to stay connected to the McColl School after graduation, contact

Support the McColl School Excellence Fund.

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