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Economics Courses

ECON 203 Macroeconomics
Macroeconomics: This is an introductory survey of aggregate economic principles; the scope and method of economics; business organizations; money and prices; national income theory; economic stabilization policies and international trade. 3 hrs.

ECON 204 Microeconomics
Microeconomics: This is a survey of economic principles, dealing with specific components of the economy and their application to economic problems; basic demand and supply theory; the theory of production and income distribution; agriculture, government regulation and labor organizations. 3 hrs.

ECON 300 Topics in Economics
Topics in Economics: This course is designed to investigate and evaluate current topics or specialized
areas of economics. Course topics are announced the term preceding the offering. May be repeated with
different topics. Prerequisite: Designated for each topic offered. Repeatable for a total of 6 hrs. 3 hrs.

ECON 351 Money and Banking
Money and Banking: This is a study of the fundamental principles and practices of the money and credit systems of the United States; financial institutions, commercial banking, the Federal Reserve System, monetary theories and policy.Prerequisites: ECON 203 and 204, BUSN 207 and 208. 3 hrs.

ECON 355 American Capitalism
American Capitalism: This course in business and history investigates the origins, dynamics, structures, and trajectories of American capitalism from its birth during the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s until today. While this course focuses on American capitalism as an economic and social system, it also studies the ways in which American capitalism shapes, and is shaped by, the wider American experience. May be taken as BUSN 355. 3 hrs.

ECON 454 International Trade
International Trade: This is a study of international payments, international economic theory, contemporary economic nationalism, international investment and currency problems and the commercial policies of foreign countries. May be taken as BUSN 454. Prerequisites: ECON 203 and 204. 3 hrs.

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