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Student Outcomes

Tyler Rauch '09, Business Major, Traditional Undergraduate

Since its beginning some 30 years ago, the McColl School has served as a catalyst for success by developing its students into assets for not only the business community but society as a whole. By fostering an incredible learning experience and providing top notch opportunities, the McColl School has not only provided me with valuable knowledge, but taught me how to use it.

As a McColl School student, I had the pleasure of taking part in what was considered one of the most competitive paid internships in the country with Ford Motor Company. While with Ford I utilized my McColl School education to build on and take advantage of every opportunity that came my way. Between projects, presentations, networking and blogging, I came across two indisputable things. McColl students are leaders and others notice (even the president and CEO!).

Through our accountability, responsibility, knowledge and power as students, we have made ourselves useful and practical parts of the business community. After my internship with Ford, along with another McColl School student I beat the odds and was among a handful of students that were extended offers of employment to a company nearing bankruptcy in a struggling economy. Seven months into the position, I've been able to continue using my education and making a difference. I can't put into words the many thanks I owe to the McColl School faculty and staff for their support and presence in my life as a student and a professional.

Alan Brittman '10 - McColl School Reflections

Upon entering the McColl school I had an idea of what to expect, but was unaware of the specifics. Since then, it has all changed. Having recently graduated, I have now been given the tools to help start my career, and enter the "real" world if you will. The McColl School gave me the opportunity to find my new love, marketing, something I hope to ultimately be doing after graduation. With professors like Dr. Brooks and Dr. Cox, I have gained insights into the field and what it entails, all things I am personally interested in. But it doesn't stop there, as a member of the School I have been given many opportunities both within the school and outside it.

I was selected to participate in the 32nd annual Ethics Symposium on Ethical Issues and Moral Decision making in Hilton Head Island, which also happened to be my hometown! Along with a few of my peers, we had opportunities to meet students of similar universities across the east and share our takes on various cases involving an ethical issue. I was also selected to present research from a marketing study I conducted on Invasive species at the State of North Carolina Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium, in Wilmington, NC. I presented this same research at a formal luncheon with our very own Board of Trustees, an exciting event where I even got to chat one on one with Dean of the McColl School, Terry Broderick! Another highlight was the ability to meet with entrepreneur and CEO of Enventys and creator of the television series, "Everyday Edisons" to discuss a potential entrepreneurial venture I had come up with!

It is things like this that have made the McColl School so special to me. Not only have I received a great education, but given great opportunities, ones I will never forget, and am honored to have been a part of.

Christine Corless - Oh The Places You'll Go

When I entered Queens University in the fall of 2003, I had no idea what my major would be, let alone what I would be doing after graduation. During my second year I decided to minor in psychology and major in business marketing in Queen's McColl School of Business. I was very impressed by Mccoll's professors; not only were they excellent academicians but were highly knowledgeable and well connected in the real world of business beyond Queen's campus. During senior year, I was selected by my marketing professor to interview with Ford Motor Company for a position as a financial analyst. I had not considered having a job so far away from home, nor did I think I would be offered a position, but I accepted the invitation, seeing it as an opportunity to prepare for future job hunting. The interview in Charlotte went well and I was invited to come to Dearborn, MI for a second round of interviews. The interview process at Ford was intense and the environment there was intimidating. Armed with the knowledge and confidence I had gained during my time at McColl, I got through the day and was offered a position that evening. I accepted, of course!

After graduating in May of 2007, I moved to Michigan to work for Ford. In my first position, at Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant, I analyzed material and labor costs. I now work at Employee Benefits within Ford World Headquarters, where I forecast and track all healthcare costs and provide analysis to top management to assist them in making major healthcare decisions.

My positions at Ford have enabled me to grow professionally in more ways than I could have imagined. I never thought my first job out of school would be a financial analyst at a Fortune 500 Company! I know this would not have been possible without the experiences, knowledge and confidence I gained while at the McColl School of Business. My professors there not only demonstrated a passion for teaching and academic excellence, but they clearly had a personal interest in me and my future success in the world of business.

Emily Valasco

Some people come to college with a clear idea about what path they want to take. They have their classes mapped out for the next four years and can already tell you what they'll be doing after graduation. That was never me. Freshman year I was interested in everything from International Business to Art History and was worried about my final decision on a major. What solidified my resolve to take the Business route and hopefully one day attend the McColl school was a simple Intro to Business course. Professor Foster has had more diverse and interesting careers over the course of his life than I can describe now, but I remember sitting in class thinking, that's me. I may never know what I'm going to be when I grow up, but I knew learning everything McColl had to offer would help prepare me for anything I wanted to embark upon.

Now, I am speaking as a graduate of McColl, sitting in my apartment in Shenzhen, China where I teach English at a Primary school. It may be hard to believe, but my business school prepared me for this experience in China. McColl taught me about different management styles and I've been able to analyze how the Chinese bureaucracy at my school operates in order to adapt and collaborate with them effectively. Particularly helpful, McColl helped me hone my networking skills and to build a contact base that I still keep in touch with. Wherever my life takes me, whether I'm teaching English in China, working in an embassy in Tanzania, or opening my own store in Boston, McColl gave me the tools that I will need to get there and succeed both in my career and as a person.
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