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Climbing Mount Everest

Everest Group

Earlier this year Elizabeth McKee and her husband William participated in a three-week trek up Mount Everest with longtime McColl School partner Vertical S.A., an outdoor education and training services company based in Chile.  Elizabeth is the executive director of Leadership Charlotte, whose offices are located on the Queens campus within The McColl School.  McColl School graduate students have worked with Vertical during several of the school's Chilean study tours and at the annual Wildacres retreats.

The trek was organized to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Vertical's first Everest summit, which also happened to mark the first time a Chilean or Latin American made it to the top. 

According to Elizabeth, "It was the most challenging experience I've ever had, physically and mentally.  I think the biggest lesson I learned was around yielding... just letting go of the expectation of being the best, or the strongest, or the fastest.  Sometimes you just have to be where you are: you simply can't ask any more of your brain or body.  Putting one foot in front of the other was literally the only thing I could think of at times." 

While a larger group of 17 adventurers made the three-week trek, a smaller expedition team continued on to attempt the summit.  They reached it on May 18.

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