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The Queens Family at Ford Finance

Queens at Ford(Pictured from left) Bryce Boothby, Kate Newbury, Chelsea Lancashire, Raulston Boger, Elizabeth Hartsell, Sara Parks, Jordan Dills, Mandeep Gill

For five years, Queens has sent students to the rigorous, 10-week, summer internship program at Ford Finance in Dearborn, MI.  Ford recruiter Chip Campbell has been impressed with Queens.  "Queens always has great, fun, people who are willing to come work with us," he says.  Ford accepted four Queens interns this past summer which is double the number selected in previous years. "We have placed more students in the Ford Finance internship program than any other school in the country," says Queens Professor Dr. Steve Cox, who helped build the Ford relationship.  Dr. Cox has cultivated the relationship with Ford, encouraging the best and brightest students to apply.  This past summer, those students included seniors Raulston Boger, Bryce Boothby and Jacqueline Myers, along with MBA student Mandeep Gill.  Raulston and Bryce shared a bit about their experience.

A double major in business and organizational communication with a minor in ancient history, Raulston Boger has had other internship experiences, but was nervous to work in her first large corporation. She was pleasantly surprised by Ford.  "They welcomed the interns with open arms," she says.   She worked in Export & Growth (E&G), a small department where she was assigned a research project on improving Ford's global revenue forecasting process.  "I knew nothing about forecasting," she says.  "I was calling Ford employees all over the world to learn their forecasting processes and identify the gaps." She quickly gained the trust of her manager.  "He told me he wouldn't micromanage; that I would work independently.  I checked in once a week.  He didn't know each region's forecasting process so I was teaching him!"

A native of Boston, Bryce Boothby is a business major with a minor in communication and captain of the men's tennis team.  True to his go-getter nature, in his first week in Dearborn, Bryce sent an email to tennis directors in area, looking for a practice partner.  His forwarded email ended up in the inbox of Andrew Rebhun, a member of Ford's marketing staff.  "Andrew became my mentor," Bryce says.  "He got me involved in meetings and different marketing projects.  He introduced me to high level executives."  Bryce made a lasting impression in his ten short weeks.  He tells us Ford CFO Bob Shanks and other high level executives canceled other plans in order to attend his final presentation.

The Ford summer experience was transformational for both Queens students.  "I learned a lot about myself," says Bryce.  "I learned that I'm good at managing office politics and I'm good at communicating with different types of personalities," he says.   As for Raulston - "My biggest learning was how to work globally.  I also learned a lot about management style and the importance of communicating clearly with people you don't know."

What's next?  Raulston and Bryce are both waiting to hear about job opportunities at Ford.  Queens has had success placing students in Ford jobs, including five hires last year.  The Ford positions are competitive and coveted.  According to Dr. Cox, a new Ford employee spends 18 months in each of three different departments to get a good overview of the company.  During the five years, Ford encourages you to earn your MBA and Ford pays for tuition.  Regardless of the hiring results, Raulston and Bryce have left an excellent impression that opens doors for more Queens students in the future.  Ford's Campbell sums it up saying, "When quality candidates, strong school support, and Ford 'needs' align, it's a win-win for all of us."
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