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Bill Boyd

Bill BoydBill Boyd

Bill Boyd is the Chairman of the Board, Agility Recovery Solutions and former CEO of Muzak, LLC.

Bill Boyd joined Muzak Corporation in June of 1968 as a sales representative in relentless pursuit of success. In July of the following year, he was appointed general manager of Muzak's Chicago affiliate and quickly turned it into the company's most successful office. In 1972, Boyd was elected vice president of Muzak's owned operations, and then left the corporate office in 1976 to manage Muzak's affiliate in Minneapolis. In 1982, Boyd purchased Muzak's affiliate office in Charlotte. 

He purchased and managed other Muzak franchises throughout the 1980's, consistently breaking company records for franchise growth (15% annually for 12 consecutive years). During this time, Bill also served as president of Muzak's Independent Affiliate organization.

In 1995, Bill sold his franchises for 200 times his original purchase price and left Muzak in pursuit of new goal: to ski as many days as he was years old. Two years later, Bill was coaxed out of retirement when asked to serve as Muzak's chairman of the board. Shortly after, the board asked Bill to serve as the company's new chairman and CEO.

His goal on the slope was accomplished, Bill was eager to tackle a new challenge and took over an organization that had not experienced meaningful growth across the board in twenty years. Along with company's lack of overall performance, Muzak's culture needed a boost.

Bill's plan for success was simple: raise expectations, clear the roadblocks, and celebrate success. Using the same spirit that helped him conquer cancer in 1997, Bill began his newest relentless pursuit.

Three years later, Muzak is worth nearly ten times what it was when Bill Boyd took over, and the company's culture has become a model for morale, productivity and success, drawing national attention from the business community.

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