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Focus on Leadership

PMBA alumnus

Leadership development is the cornerstone of the McColl School Experience, and the McColl School defines leadership by 3 Cs.

Competence refers to the business acumen required to manage the various functions of any organization: accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing. It also refers to interpersonal competence: the ability to manage individuals, relationships and teams to accomplish organizational goals. Student competence is the product of excellent teaching by a faculty committed to delivering a rigorous and innovative curriculum based on real-world experience.

Character refers to the behaviors and values that elicit trust and commitment. Effective leaders demonstrate self-awareness, self-confidence and the capability to interact effectively with others, to think creatively and to learn from experience. The development of this type of ethical leadership permeates all that the McColl School does. Leaders who demonstrate these behaviors and values will be able to provide stability, elicit loyalty and retain valuable employees.

Commitment to Community refers to the awareness and resulting actions that link business strategies and activities with the viability of the larger community. It is demonstrated by showing concern for the success of the surrounding community, choosing to act to improve circumstances, working for positive change on behalf of others and acknowledging a balance between individual goals and the common good. Our commitment to community is also expressed in the Queens motto "Not to be served, but to serve."

To apply these ideals, the McColl School draws from its strong connections with Charlotte's thriving business community. To learn more about the unique leadership development opportunities within each of the McColl School Graduate Degree Programs, please view the links below:

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