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Beautiful space chronicles the career of famed coach to the stars

Hadley Reading RoomThe Dr. Charles O. Hadley Reading Room in Everett Library

The Charles O. Hadley Reading Room was created in Everett Library to honor the legacy of an extraordinary professor and beloved man. Decorated with numerous items which adorned the walls of Dr. Hadley's office in his McEwen classroom for 50 years, the space provides a quiet reading and study area for students to enjoy. The room also houses a collection of Dr. Hadley's own books and manuscripts.

Dr. Charles O. Hadley finished his 50th year of teaching at Queens in May 2006. He came to Queens in 1955, six years out of Davidson, directly from Europe where he studied on a Fulbright Scholarship. From the beginning, Queens' students loved Dr. Hadley. He instilled in them a love of learning and a respect for literature that has lasted a lifetime. His eloquent voice and his regal stance commanded awe, but his sense of humor and classroom stories also evoked laughter and love. Dr. Hadley has won virtually every teaching honor at Queens and remains a popular representative at alumni events both on campus and out of town.

Dr. Hadley also enjoys a second reputation as "voice coach to the stars" and was recently featured in the Charlotte Observer.  He has coached many, including Charlton Heston, Nick Nolte, John Travolta and Scarlett Johansen, but his greatest reputation is as a star himself to the thousands of former Queens' students who still clamor for his hand on their shoulder and the famous words, "You know I taught you everything you know!"

President Pamela Davies summed up the Charles Hadley legend in her tribute at the 2006 graduation. After reading the many accolades that have been written about Dr. Hadley over the years, she was struck by a former student who said that Dr. Hadley should be considered a national treasure. Dr. Davies agreed, and officially declared Charles Hadley, "A National Treasure of Queens."

by Adelaide Anderson Davis '61, Associate Vice President of
Alumni Affairs and Planned Giving, Queens University of Charlotte

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