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Where is the Center for Student Success located?
You can find us in Knight-Crane Hall room 102F.

Where is the Writing Center located?
The Writing Center is a part of the Center for Student Success, which is now housed in the Michael Murphy Learning Studio in room 100 of Knight-Crane Hall. 

What hours are you open?
The Center for Student Success is open for peer tutoring sessions and drop-in sessions for various subjects throughout the day and evening.
        - Staff hours: Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
        - The Center hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Where do I make an appointment?
You can make an appointment on the sign-up sheet inside the Center for Student Success, or through online appointment scheduler.

What do I need to bring?
For tutoring sessions regarding a particular subject, bring your questions, class, notes, your assignment or study guide and your textbook. For the Writing Center bring your assignment guideline. If you have a rough draft, bring that too. But feel free to come at any stage of the writing process. This means that you can come when you need to develop a draft, after you've developed a draft, or after you've gotten a paper back and want to revise or improve future papers.

What happens during a tutoring session?
For a subject, you will discuss with your tutor the material with which you are having trouble. This may pertain to an assignment, an upcoming exam, or simply your weekly reading. 

For the Writing Center, you will discuss your assignment with your tutor. If you don't have a draft, you can use the session to work with your tutor on how to develop one. If you do have a draft, then you and your tutor will read your paper. After that, you and your tutor will focus on your concerns about the paper. For example, you may focus on improving the flow, organization, clarity, or style. Your tutor will suggest different strategies you can use to approach these issues, and the tutor will give you feedback about how s/he understands your ideas as a reader. Your tutor will not evaluate your paper by assigning it a grade.  Further, you Writing Center tutor will not "edit" or "proofread" your paper. Instead, the tutor will help you develop your writing style and look for patterns of weakness. An appointment lasts 30 minutes. You may sign up for two back-to-back sessions, if you think you will need more time. 

I need help with grammar. Does the Writing Center help with grammar?
If there is a pattern of grammatical errors in your paper, the tutor will point out the pattern, help you with one example, and then let you do the rest. Tutors will not edit or proofread your papers for grammatical errors. Your tutor may also refer you to the Resources for Writers page, which has links to handouts that address specific editing, proofreading, and grammar issues. Additionally, the Writing Center will conduct workshops focused on grammar and editing challenges every semester for students who desire to strengthen their control of language.

Why won't my tutor help me with proofreading or editing?
Your tutor's job is to help you strengthen your paper and at the same time help you to develop techniques and strategies that you will be able to use in future papers. This second goal won't happen if the tutor is making writing choices for you.  As a writer, you should not be concerned with simply correcting errors within a specific essay; you should be working to eliminate these errors from your writing entirely.

What is a Knowledge Workshop?
Writing Center faculty Jennifer Smith Daniel will lead workshops throughout the year on subjects ranging from generating ideas to avoiding plagiarism, battling writer's block or writing for exams.

How much does it cost to use the Services Center and who can use it?
Appointments are free of charge. Appointments are available to all Queens students.

What kinds of writing can I bring to the Services Center?
Academic work is our priority, but you may also bring application essays. 

English is not my first language. What kind of help do you have for me?
Lots! Students who don't speak English as a first or native language often have similar weaknesses that can be easily identified. Make an appointment with our Writing Center consultant and access our resources for ESL online.

Does my instructor know that I'm using the Writing Center or Tutoring Services?
It is your choice to inform your instructor.* At the end of each session, we can be asked to fill out a conference summary that you may give to the instructor so that he or she knows that you are taking the initiative to work on your writing. These conference summaries are not evaluative in any way, as you can see from the example below. Many instructors look favorably on the fact that you have come to get tutoring. 

Example: We talked about how to quote outside sources for my paper, "How Britney Spears Totally Stole from Madonna" and my tutor gave me a handout on how to quote so that I avoid plagiarism. We also talked about how I could make my introduction stronger, how I need to define my term more clearly when I'm talking about the meaning of the word steal, and how I might develop my paragraphs that compare and contrast the images of Madonna in "Justify My Love" with those of Britney's in "Toxic." Finally, I came up with a plan of action for my revisions.

*The exception to this case is when a student requests help with a take-home exam.  In that case, it is mandatory that the professor receive a conference summary. 

I have a specific question about the Writing Center. Who should I contact?
Please contact Jennifer Smith Daniel at, or 704.337.2209

Who should I contact about Student Disability Services?
Please contact Karen S. Franklin, Director at, or 704.337.2508

Who do I contact about working as a tutor in the Center?
Please contact Jennifer Smith Daniel at, or 704.337.2209

I have academic advising questions that my faculty advisor is not able to anwser.  Who Should I contact?
Please contact Kristina Siarsynski-Ferrer, at

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