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Writing Center

"But I'm so bad at writing."

Admit it. You've said these words at least once in your academic career. We are here to tell you that EVERYONE can write. The problem is often one of paying more attention to the product rather than the process. Writing, like any task that requires commitment, is a much a function of practice as it is talent. 

One of the common myths about writing is that it is a solitary process. You sit staring at the assignment. Then you look up to the computer screen and the blank piece of paper just stares back. This moment can feel profoundly lonely. The truth is that it doesn't have to be this way. Writing is at its baseline a conversation and the process is one of collaboration.

Our writing consultants are specifically trained in the practice and theory of writing as a collaborative experience. The tutors are selected from your peers, so you will work with someone who can understand your experience. They will spend one on one time working with you no matter where you are in the process: from brainstorming and mining for those first ideas, crafting a thesis, organization, tracking grammatical patterns that need improvement and even assistance negotiating citation styles.

While, we are not an "editing" or "proof reading service", the writing consultants do help to support YOUR writing process and assist you in finding your voice in communicating to your audience.

We in The Writing Center understand that some student populations face some challenges in balancing work and school schedules. There are several options to facilitate a session, but we prefer that you have your first session IN PERSON with a writing consultant. After the initial in person session, we can consider working via an online/email, asynchronous session.

Set up an appointment at For questions, please feel free to contact Jennifer Smith Daniel, The Writing Center faculty, at

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