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Study Abroad

Discover Close Friends In Far Away Places

A special part of our academic curriculum is our study abroad program. Whether it's a faculty-led study tour, a language and cultural immersion program or another special program, the John Belk International Program provides an unforgettable experience for students. Almost 80% of our students do it because we make it accessible by providing each qualifying student with a fund that can be used toward one of our many international experiences. You can study abroad for a semester or year, complete an internship overseas, or take a short study trip with your professor and classmates.

Study Abroad Programs at Queens University

Ways to Study

Students can experience an international education in several ways.

Global experience.

Your Options

Queens offers more than 175 options to 50 countries around the world.

Travel the world

First-Person Stories

Queens students share how study abroad experiences enrich their education.

"If you’re even thinking about studying abroad, leaders from a range of industries... have a message for you: Do it -- your job search will thank you."
- USA Today, October 6, 2015, "Panel: Study abroad students have leg up in job market"


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