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Health & Safety

Every student is required to attend a Health & Safety meeting prior to departure for their program.

Your child will be given country- or region-specific information for their program. This includes information from resources such as the Center for Disease Control and the State Department. Students are required to have an appointment at the Health and Wellness Center to discuss appropriate vaccinations and any preexisting health issues. Every student on a JBIP trip will receive a comprehensive orientation packet from the CIE office.

Queens provides insurance coverage for international travel through EIIA ( Students are provided with information on what this insurance covers while abroad. Included is an emergency assistance coverage policy that provides an array of emergency medical and personal assistance services, including access to doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. Please access the link for more information on what is and is not covered by the EIIA insurance policy.

We ask every student and family to review this policy and determine whether or not it suits your personal needs. There are deductibles for all services and there is no travel insurance included (i.e. lost baggage, delay of flight).

Finally, Queens provides students with emergency response guidelines. Students and faculty are given the phone numbers for 24/7 contact in case of emergency, both with travel agents and staff members in the CIE office. Students may choose to purchase international cell phone plans, at the personal cost to the student. Each faculty member accompanying students on short-term faculty-led trips has proficient travel experience and is capable of handling emergencies. Students traveling alone may call the CIE office at any time for emergency help.

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