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How does it work?

Queens' students will be eligible to travel abroad with their John Belk International Program (JBIP) funds in their junior year, and will be asked to select their experience at the end of their sophomore year. There are four options available to students.

Option 1: Semester Abroad

Students will have the option to select a partner institution and earn a semester's worth of credit while living and studying in another country. Students will select their overseas institution based on country preference, academics, and language ability. Courses are pre-approved at Queens before your student goes abroad, so the credit will transfer back and will count towards his/ her degree. The accommodations for students vary and may include residence halls, homestays, or an apartment shared with other students. ISEP is our most popular exchange program, with over 150 partner universities in over 50 countries. Queens has additional exchange programs in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, France and Cyprus (all taught in English). Students who spend a full academic year at EM Strasbourg and complete designated courses even have the opportunity to receive a Bachelors in European Management degree from EM Strasbourg in addition to their Queens degree!

Option 2: Short-term Faculty-Led Programs

Students can take advantage of two to three week faculty-led study abroad programs that travel to various regions of the world. These courses are typically fast-paced and take students to multiple locations, historical sites, museums, and include a variety of cultural experiences. Programs in years past have traveled to London, China, South Africa, Peru, Australia, Germany, Poland, Spain, and many others. Most programs offer a Spring term prep course where students learn about the country, culture and academic focus of the course before departing for the in-country portion of the class. These programs offer course credit in various disciplines, like History or Biology, that may be applied to graduation requirements.

Option 3: International Internship

Students can combine their internship requirements with an international experience in this program. Students can either work through the internship office to find a suitable internship, or may apply for programs sponsored by the Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education. Such programs include Academia Latinoamericana and Community Service Alliance and offer internships in multiple countries and in multiple disciplines. Students have the option of combining a language immersion-type experience with their internship, and spend half of their day in language school and the other half working. Students who choose to do so will receive both language and internship course credit.

Option 4: Language Immersion

Students can also select a four week intensive language immersion in any of the languages we offer at Queens. This program allows students to live with host families, take courses twenty hours a week, and be immersed in the target language, culture, and country. Students may study their language in multiple locations. Six language credits will be awarded to the student upon successful completion of the program. French, Italian, and Spanish are the most popular language immersion programs attended by Queens students. In order to be eligible for a language immersion, the student must have completed four semesters of language before departure for the program.

Option 5: Summer Programs in France

Students majoring in Business, Political Science, or International Studies may also consider one of three Summer Programs in France: ESSCA-Angers, ESSCA-Paris, and EM Strasbourg. Both ESSCA and EM Strasbourg are premier business schools that offer a unique perspective on global business and politics. All programs are four weeks in length and course offerings vary by location each year, so check with the Myrta Pulliam Center for International Education for the most recent offerings.

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