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The stories below highlight the best of what Queens offers for students and the entire campus community.

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Going Global

Decades ago, Queens saw the effect of cross-cultural experiences and began expanding programs. Today, with classrooms and internships in 50 countries, the university is among the highest ranked in the nation for students participating in study abroad. Meredith Keeley ’14 says experiences in more than a dozen countries transformed her worldview. Read More

One plane trip = open eyes

Five students traveled to Paris for an intensive business-focused summer program. Read More

Where Are You Dreaming Of?

Queens sends off another group of students to pursue their dreams abroad. Read More

An A+ and 600 Bucks

In her most recent mid-term exam, Dr. Holly Carter discovered a novel way to bring Queens’ motto to life. Read More

Ciao, Adiós, Au revoir, Zài jiàn

The first group of Queens ISEP students head out for their semester and year-long study abroad trips. Read More

The Power of Independent Media

Traveling to Bosnia last summer gave student Calvin Lescault ’13 unexpected insights into the American media landscape Read More

Guatemala mission gives and gives back

A student and professor reflect on their work during Queens' annual Guatemala Mission trip during spring break. Read More

Reflection on Italian immersion

Junior Andrew Fuentes looks back at his time in Italy, and the many unexpected lessons it brought. Read More

Scholar of the world

Senior Jessie Hunt has visited Asia, Central America, and Europe as a Queens student.  Read More

ISEP broadens study abroad options

If you want to dive deeper into a specific culture, Queens offers longer study-abroad programs in more than 50 countries through the International Student Exchange Program. Read More

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