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The stories below highlight the best of what Queens offers for students and the entire campus community.

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ISEP broadens study abroad options

If you want to dive deeper into a specific culture, Queens offers longer study-abroad programs in more than 50 countries through the International Student Exchange Program. Read More

Study in the most amazing places on the globe

Every year, Queens students visit dozens of the world's most fascinating places identified by the United Nations' World Heritage Site program.  Read More

Lining up for adventure

More than 100 rising juniors camped out to claim their favorite destination for 2012 study abroad. Read More

Yap is the unusual setting for a unique type of study abroad

Queens students are helping put a small island on the map, literally. Read More

Students share slices of life abroad through blogs

Travel vicariously along with Queens students to destinations across the globe Read More

Queens offers support for students seeking tailored international programs

Scholarship programs can help make specially tailored international study possible. Read More

Gain perspective on the global community through JBIP

From Costa Rica to China, and many points in between, The John Belk International Program makes the world your classroom. Read More

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