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An A+ and 600 Bucks

How do you teach your class the Queens motto, "Not to be served, but to serve," while giving them a mid-term test?  If you're like Holly Carter, you think outside the box.

Dr. Carter teaches the sophomore CORE class Global Citizenship which helps students understand other cultures and recognize how our culture is infinitely interconnected with others around the world.   

Dr. Carter challenged her students by giving them each $1 and directing them to "make a difference in the world."  The rules required that they couldn't add their own money to the pot, they had to come up with a way to do something meaningful, and they only had a few days to complete the task.  In the end, the class of 17 turned $17 into $600 by uniting to solicit donations from friends, family, acquaintances and even local businesses.  

As Leigh Siegfried put it, "I was completely perplexed.  I can't change the world with one dollar, but when we all collaborated, I realized that this was bigger than just myself." The class voted to use the money to build a well for a small village in Uganda.

Leigh explained, "Since water is such a necessity for life, and the class wanted to impact as many people as we could with a small amount of money, we chose the well project."  It's unlikely that any of Dr. Carter's students will forget what they learned in class, even though they didn't have to memorize a thing.

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