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Internship Requirement

Queens University of Charlotte places special emphasis on internships. An internship is a planned and supervised out-of-class work experience where a student uses the skills, knowledge, and theories developed in the classroom setting in a real-world professional work environment. Queens University of Charlotte pays special attention to the integration of the work experience in order to form a strong connection between theory and practice, study and work and academics and experience.

Typically during the sophomore year, prior to the internship experience, students complete a preparation course, INTE 297 The World of Work, which prepares the students for their internships. After successful completion of INTE 297, students seek out internships in coordination with the Manager of Internships. To receive academic credit for an internship, the student must enroll in INTE 498 or 499 and also submit an internship contract to the Manager of Internships.

Students majoring in education, music therapy and nursing will fulfill the internship requirement (INTE 297, INTE 498 and INTE 499) through practicum experiences in their major. A Professional Golf Management internship may fulfill the internship requirement if the student first registers for INTE 498 or 499 and also submits an internship contract to the Manager of Internships. Participation in a 4 credit hour international internship will also satisfy the internship requirement.

INTE 297 is a graded course, while INTE 498 and 499 are taken on a Pass-Fail basis. INTE 497 allows students to gain 1-6 credit hours of additional internship experience beyond the INTE 498 and INTE 499 courses. INTE 497 is graded Pass-Fail.

Required Courses:

INTE 297 The World of Work
The World of Work: The course begins the career development process through directed professional
readings, projects, and discussions. To provide a framework for practical preparation of internships, the
course also facilitates self-assessment, acquisition of presentation skills, writing of resumes and cover letters and interviewing practice. This course should normally be taken during the sophomore year. INTE 297 is a prerequisite to the professional internship courses at Queens. 2 hrs.

INTE 496 Professional Internship
Professional Internship: This course enables Hayworth College students to make a strong connection between theory and practice, study and work. It is designed for a student who has significant previous work experience and hopes to gain experience and skills in a new work environment. Students will work 130 hours for 3 hours of academic credit (86 for 2 hours and 43 for 1 hour of credit). Attendance at monthly seminars, reflection papers, and a final paper and presentation are required of each student. Approval of the internship site must be given by the Blair House for Internships and Career Programs. Pass/Fail. 1-3 hrs.

INTE 497 Professional Internship III
Professional Internship III: This course allows students to gain additional internship experience beyond the INTE 498 and INTE 499 courses. Students will be able to make a stronger connection between theory, practice and/or explore additional career opportunities and organizations that might be a better fit for their interests, skills and values. This course is also the option for nursing, education, music therapy and transfer students with 36 plus hours. The prerequisites for this course are INTE 498 and 499. The prerequisites for transfer students with 36 plus hours, nursing, education and music therapy majors is INTE 297. Pass/Fail. Repeatable for a total of 12 hrs. 1- 6 hrs.

INTE 498 Professional Internship I
Professional Internship I: This course enables students to make a strong connection between theory and practice, study and work. To enroll in INTE 498, students complete and sign a learning contract with a chosen internship site. Requirements include the completion of 86 work hours, reflective papers, and class meetings. This course should normally be taken in the fall semester of the junior year, but as long as a student has successfully completed INTE 297 they are eligible for this course. Pass/Fail. 2 hrs.

INTE 499 Professional Internship II
Professional Internship II: For most students, INTE 499 is a follow up course to INTE 498, completed at the same internship site. Requirements include completion of 86 additional work hours, reflective papers, class meetings, and an oral presentation at the end of the semester. Students may choose to enroll in INTE 499 at the same time as INTE 498, or may take it separately in a semester following the completion of INTE 498. Pass/Fail. 2 hrs.

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