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The John Belk International Program

The John Belk International Program offers students the chance to broaden their global perspective, experience another culture and discover another part of the world.

All full-time students in the traditional undergraduate program who are in good standing with the University, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000 and have third-year status are eligible to participate in the John Belk International Program. The Belk Program covers the major expenses for most program options.

Most students opt to take part in a faculty-led Study Tour, a Language and Cultural Immersion program, or one of the special programs in Micronesia and Strasbourg. Students may also choose to apply for a semester or year-long exchange program or an international internship scholarship. Applications are made available for the following year's offerings during the spring term.

Each spring, rising juniors select the program that best fits their interests and academic needs or begin the application process for the special, more competitive programs. Students normally participate following completion of the spring semester of their junior year.

Other Study Abroad

The John Belk International Program Office aids students who wish to spend a term, academic year or summer studying abroad. Students may take part in approved programs of study for American students, attend a foreign University or participate in a work/service program. Queens is affiliated with NAFSA: Association of International Educators; the Institute for International Education; and the Council for International Educational Exchange, which offers study-abroad and work abroad programs worldwide.

Requirements and Qualifications for JBIP Programs

At the time of application all applicants must:

  • be sophomores in no less than their fourth regular semester of University study;
  • have a minimum of 52 earned hours at the beginning of the Fall Term or a minimum of 65 earned hours by the end of the Fall Term;
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000;
  • be in good standing with the University.

In order to participate in the Belk Program all applicants must also:

  • maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.000 through the term during which they are enrolled in the JBIP 210 "Study Tour Preparation" course;
  • successfully complete the semester's work immediately prior to the program, including the required JBIP 210 "Preparation Course";
  • remain in good standing with the Honor Code;
  • remain in good financial standing with the University; and
  • agree to abide by all University rules and regulations governing the John Belk International Program.

Study Tour Policies

Queens' policy is that students in traditional undergraduate programs are not normally eligible to participate in a JBIP Study Tour until the end of their junior year; the only exception is for students who participate in the JBIP study abroad programs or winter study tours during their junior year or students who participate at their own expense. Students minimally eligible to apply for JBIP programs are current sophomores (in their fourth semester of college) who will be at least second-semester juniors in the term after which they will take part in their JBIP program and who, by that time, will have been full-time students in the traditional undergraduate program for at least four semesters. Juniors who have been fulltime students in the traditional undergraduate program at Queens for fewer than four semesters may participate fully by paying a prorated supplement. Others - part-time students, Hayworth College students and students who wish to have a JBIP program before they are eligible to do so - may participate at their own expense and on a space-available basis.

Study Tour Courses

Students must enroll in JBIP 210 (Study Tour Preparation Course - 2 credit hours) the semester before their Study Tour and earn a grade of C- or better. Any student who earns a grade below a C- will not be eligible for the Study Tour. Students will be enrolled in JBIP 220 (Study Tour - 3 credit hours) by the Belk Program the semester of the Study Tour. Important JBIP Notes:

  • All Study Tours are planned and arranged by the John Belk International Program Office and led by Queens faculty.
  • All Study Tours are offered contingent upon sufficient enrollment and have a limited number of places.
  • All other offerings - language immersion, study abroad programs and international internships scholarships - are also overseen by the Belk Program Office.
  • Please note that students should not assume that they will be able to travel independently at the end of their Belk study tours.
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